day 3 – blind in texas

Day #3 of 10 Days, 10 States Chapter 51 – My Journey to Oregon 2.28.2022

Waking up bright and early to a crisp 56 degrees in Lafayette, LA, we start a ritual of packing the vehicles, packing the animals and heading off to the North West.

8:15am, we’re on the road and starting the hardest leg of our trip, “TEXAS”. This means Houston, we have to drive through Houston, and part of San Antonio, where we will stay for the night before our last night in Texas, El Paso.

If you’ve ever driven through Houston, you know what I mean when I say that it is a beast, but a beast I was ready to tame and conquer, and I did. With the help of Tom Waits’ raspy, deep and soulful [yet soulless] helping me along the way. In less than an hour, my shoulders fell an inch and the fun times and beautiful scenery were closer to sight. Just one more big city, San Antonio, and we’re in the clear!


I picked my cat up to take him into the hotel room and it seems day 2 taught us both a very important road trip note for cats. He pee’d. Yep, pee’d in my Jeep. No fault of his own, he is well over 20 and I would have pee’d too if I couldn’t go for 9 hours! Luckily, I had layers of items over the seat where he was, so aside from having to throw those away, there was no real damage. My son, my hero, my rock, walked to the store to get some resolve, to make sure that my Jeep didn’t have any stank.

As much as I had hoped to make it to the Alamo in El Paso, for, well, you know, HISTORY! [and the infamous Ozzy story] the stressors of the day wore on me heavily after the 9 hour drive, so we just relaxed in the room and plotted out our last full day in Texas.

“Thank you, Sir”

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