day 1 – hit the road, Jac

Part #2 of Day #1 of 10 Days, 10 States
Chapter 51 – My Journey to Oregon
26 – Feb 2022

So I hit the road, 11am sharp. Oddly, but not shockingly, a few tears shed down my face as I drove off of James Avenue for the last time. My cat settled into the front seat easily until we drove through the Merritt Island Co-op for the last time and hit the speed bumps; within minutes, the poor guy did his typical carsick vomit and due to his age, also had a little accident from another area. Although this delayed my escape from the Island, a few minutes, for clean-up purposes, I decide to make use of the time and stop by the local liquor store to get some road spirits.

All clean now, emergency rum/wine in hand and on the road to Tallahassee for the night, waiting for Jake’s early arrival the next morning so that we can say goodbye to Florida for good, together.

Driving down 528 west, I reminisced of the many memories, good and bad, I have had over the years on that road; going to concerts in Orlando and Lakeland, picking family up from the airport, going to the airport to travel the many places throughout my life; I thought of almost everyone I’ve crossed paths with and mentally, I whispered, “goodbye”.

Now, onto 75 North, the road out, the open gate, or as some call it, the most horrific, traffic bearing road in Florida. It did an excellent job of living up to it’s reputation as my 4 hour trip turned into a 6 hour trip; my brow sweating as gigantic semi trucks surrounding my little Jeep, bumper to bumper traffic for miles and miles, not the best start to cross-country adventure.

None-the-less, I made it safely, but very hungry, to my hotel in Tallahassee. To my surprise, there was a damn Outback Steakhouse in the parking lot of the hotel! After checking in, having a cocktail, and taking multiple deep breaths, I partook in their blooming mushrooms and some random, but delish flavor of shrimp which set me up for the perfect night of sleep.

…. stay tuned for day 2.

“The Trucks, the traffic”

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