About 10 years ago I realized while living in the small, yet fabulous and quirky town of Sierra Vista, Arizona, that coming from Cocoa Beach, basically, below sea level, to 4600 feet above sea level, that exercise was going to be a challenge. Luckily there was a bar within walking distance so I got my exercise, trust me.

Now, 10 years later and about 1000 feet lower in elevation than Sierra Vista, I’m still having quite the trouble adapting. Luckily, the new home is another 1000 feet lower in elevation than Bend. But! I’m still well over 2000 feet above sea level and determined to beat this adapting thing.

I haven’t conceded to the thin air and closer to God surroundings. I’ve challenged myself (with the help of my son) to push through it because the rewards are so worthy of a few short breaths.

Laugh all you want, but I have been slowly preparing to do better! First purchase, which I’ve yet to use, is portable oxygen. I want to do the 6-10 mile hikes! Despite the reviews, I have faith this will get me through the 300-500 foot elevation gains on the trails I hope to conquer. I purposely bought the peppermint because that gives you a natural mental boost at the same time.

I’ve also cut back on my favorite snacks, peanuts. Yeah, I know you may be thinking, “but peanuts are healthy”, no, not the ones I ate and they way I enjoyed them. Honey Roasted Planters Peanuts! I’d devour a whole container in 2 days. I always hid the label from myself because I didn’t care or cared to know about the calories I was indulging in, until now. In utter shock of the numbers, I have switched to seaweed. Yep! Roasted wasabi seaweed. 25 calories a package, one package a day. It pretty much saved me from 1500 useless calories a day and will hopefully help in taking off my Covid 20 lockdown pounds.

I really let myself go back in 2020. The most exercise I got was walking 5 minutes to the beach with random bike rides and a mile or two walk once a week. It’s time to reclaim myself before it’s too late. Plus, I’m moving to a town filled with cowboys! Yippy Kai-YAY!

… stay tuned for more lifestyle changes as I adapt to the PNW.

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