Home, Sweet Home

Dreams do come true.

For many years, I have wanted to live on a farm/ranch with a beautiful view and the space to grow mentally, away from the hustles of daily life, and perhaps with a slew of animal friends to keep me company along my journey.

Well, last night, I learned this dream is going to come true. We put in an offer on a beautiful property in Terrabonne, Oregon and we learned, the offer was accepted! The area is strikingly similar to many of the areas that I loved in Arizona, and since, my family is all here now, this is just perfect.

The property is nearly 4 acres. It has a fenced pasture and garden in which I will grow “hops & vines” for “beers & wines” and maybe some vegetables too. It also has an oversized detached garage. Maybe I can even start welding as a hobby, another dream of mine. I love creating and metal art can be very stunning.

There is also a “mountain/rock cliff” in the back yard, that also is part of the property. I’m hoping to use this as my gym/hiking practice area.

It’s going to be a busy month and a half as I prepare for another move and I plan on sharing more about this amazing property and what lies ahead. The beginning of the PNW lifestyle.

Home, Sweet Home

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