Devil’s Lake Adventure

After a failed attempt a couple of days ago, my son, Jake and I decided to take on the Cascade Lakes Highway from Bend, Oregon to get a bit closer (okay, IN) to Devil’s Lake.

Today did not disappoint. Instead of taking my topless Jeep, we drove up in my son’s fearless Subaru Outback. That thing is a champ! I was a bit hesitant after watching the road cams all morning and seeing cars pulled over on the side and lots of snow on the roads. It turns out, these cars were all parked outside of Mt. Bachelor. The season is now over and the only way these over-achievers can ski is to park outside and walk up the mountain. And, they did.

We found our way on to Cascade Lakes Hwy, and man was it gorgeous. The mountain views, all covered in snow, were breath-taking. We had only one goal in mind though, “getting-in-the-water”! After a few twists and turns and me fearfully asking my son if we were driving on black ice, we made it. The perfect parking spot (on the side of the road) opened up and we were there. There was no snow, no rain, nothing falling from the sky… Just crystal clear water.

After a short walk down a snowy path, Jake’s shoes came off and he was “in-the-water” walking out into the lake. Moments later, my shoes were off, and we were both “in-the-water”. Our feet were cold, but they were happy. It was a spa treatment from the snow gods!

We’ll be spending much more time there over the summer months.

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