day 2 – buh bye, florida, hello, louisiana

Day #2 of 10 Days, 10 States Chapter 51 – My Journey to Oregon 2.27.2022

Seeing that road sign, “You’re now leaving, Florida” was bittersweet and of course, at my menopausal stage in life, caused a few tears to fall from my already tired, mismatch-colored eyes. But with the future in sight, and my son [my rock] driving behind me, with each new state, starting with Louisiana, I would roll down my window and throw up a “shaka” or “metal hand” in an attempt to celebrate us moving one state further to our future.

First stop, Lafayette, Louisiana. This is also the first test of how the Captain [my cat] and Sweet Tea [my grand doggo] will co-exist in hotel rooms for the next [what we thought] would be 8 nights.

Nothing remarkable happened, aside from realizing that in just one day, my Jeep already resembles a homeless camp. The “Long Ass Swamp Bridge” on I-10 was fabulous, never disappoints and somehow, I missed the “Tall Ass Bridge” or, maybe I just blocked that from my mind, as it was one of my most dreaded events looking forward at the journey.

A good night sleep at the Residence Inn, Lafayette Airport where the staff was amazing, the rooms were clean and comfy and we were able to miss any Mardi Gras traffic.

“Jeep Life”

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